Lost Treasures of El Dorado

Lost Treasures of El Dorado

Lost Treasures of El Dorado is a puzzle game with a nice background story
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Lost Treasures of El Dorado is a puzzle game made by DayTerium. However, this is not just another puzzle game. Although the formula looks similar to other games, this one has its fair share of challenge. It also features a nice back story, which is a nice way to flow with. You are Professor Jack Foster, an archeologist, who receives a letter from Alicia, his colleague and love interest. She seems to have found an artifact that will change mankind however. Soon after this discovery, she disappears. Obviously, Foster's seen too many Indiana Jones movies, and instead of calling the police he will be the hero and rescue her.

You will help him do this by solving puzzles and getting high-scores. The game is based on hexagonal figures of different types. You must drag your mouse button and join them together to create a chain. Some hexagons are required to complete your objective, so you must chain them together. The amount of hexagons, their colors and the shape of the board will get more complex when progressing through the game. The puzzles are nice and refreshing, and you can go as fast as you can as well, not getting bored at all. However, the game may be a bit too simple to pay for it. But if you are a fan of puzzle games, this one will make a good choice for you.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Good puzzle game.
  • It is nice to have a background story too


  • The price is a bit high
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